Procedure for Marriage Registration in Arunachal Pradesh

Procedure for Marriage Registration in Arunachal Pradesh


Indian citizens of age above 18 years and 21 years for the bride and for the groom respectively

Concerned Authority

Marriage Officer (normally, EAC(Judicial) of the Deputy Commissioner?s office is designated as the Marriage Officer)


  1. The parties (bride and groom) need to submit a joint application with a joint affidavit in the prescribed format to the office of the Marriage Officer.
  2. After receiving the application from the parties, the Marriage Officer will issue a notice (with a copy on the notice board) for claims and objections, to the Marriage Officers of the home districts of both the bride and the groom, returnable within one month.
  3. Marriage Officers of the home districts publicise widely for the information of all concerned like parents, relatives etc so that they can file claims and objections, if any, to the Marriage Officer.
  4. If no claims and objections are received within the stipulated period of one month, from the Marriage Officers of home districts, the marriage is solemnized and registered in the court of the Marriage Officer, in the presence of three witnesses under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Necessary documents/papers

Affidavit, prescribed application form


Rs. 100/- for issuing a Marriage Certificate


The concerned forms are sold at the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Online submission of forms is not possible. A signed copy of the application is required for processing.