Procedure for Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

Procedure for Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

Step by Step procedure for issue of Marriage Certificate

Eligibility Conditions

Marriage solemnized already are registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Either Bride or Bridegroom must be resident of the Tehsil in which the marriage is to be Registered.

At the time of Marriage the Bridegroom must have completed the age of 21 years and Bride the age of 18 years.

Both must be Hindus.


At the time of Registration of Marriage, the applicant submits an application in prescribed form Stamped with requisite Court Fees. This Marriage is Registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 on the identification of village numberdar.

Check List of Documents

Application on Prescribed Proforma (Download Form)

Proof of Age of Bride and Bridegroom

Statement of Bride-Bridegroom and their Parents.

Schedule C and D

Verification Procedure

Certificate in Support of Age

Marriage Ceremony Photographs

Marriage Card or Any Other Proof in support of Marriage solemnized.

Prescribed Time Schedule

No time limit is specified for Marriage Registration. Registration is possible immediately after the above Formalities are completed.

Addresses of Concerned Officers

Tehsildar-cum-Registrar of Marriages

Sanctioning Authority

Tehsildar-cum-Registrar of Marriages

Grievance Redressal System

D.C. Cum Marriage Officer