Process to Register Birth Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

Process to Register Birth Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

Legality of Birth Certificate

In India it is mandatory under the Law (as per the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969), to register every birth with the concerned State/UT within 21 days of its occurrence. The government accordingly has provided a very structured system for registration of birth, with the Registrar General at the Centre and Chief Registrars in the states, running through district registrars to the village and town registrars at the periphery.

Eligibility criteria to avail Birth Certificate

Any individual who is the citizen or NRI born in the state are eligible for availing the birth certificate. The birth certificate is issued to the parents in favour of child on the basis of application and specific amount deposited with application form to the concerned authority.

Procedure for Registering Birth Certificate

There is a defined process to obtain the Birth certificate in Orissa. Normally, head of the house or nearest relative of the head of the house or oldest person in the family in case the event is occurring in the house is to inform the concerned authority about birth. Medical officer in-charge or any other officer authorized by him, in case of institutional event.

After delivery of the child in case of institutions i.e. hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc. the authorities    have to    register the birth reports to the registrar of birth and death of the concerned jurisdictions.

In case of domiciliary births the household is entitled to submit the reports to the concerned authority for    registering the birth event.

In case the birth occurs in the jail, it is to be informing the concerned jailer.

If the birth occurs in hostel, dharmasala, boarding house, lodging house etc. the event is to be informing    the    concerned person-in-charge.

In case the birth occurs in moving vehicle, the person-in-charge of the vehicle is to be informing about    the birth.


Any person who is born in State of Arunachal Pradesh.

Concerned Authority

At various levels, different authority provides the service:

Additional District Registrar of Birth & Death / Dist Statistical Officer(DSO) at District level.

At Circle and Sub Division concerned Administrative Officers ( SDO/EAC/CO) acts as Registrar of Birth.


The parent or informer has to report to the nearest Birth and Death Registration Office.

On delivery at Hospital/ Health Centre, the same should be reported enclosing Medical Certificate within 1 year. Beyond 1 year registration is done on submission of affidavit.

On delivery at Home, same should be reported through application on a plain paper within 1 month of birth of the child. Beyond 1 month registration is done on submission of affidavit.

Necessary documents/papers

Form No 1: Birth Report

Medical Certificate for delivery at Hospital or Health Centre.

Plain application for delivery at home.


Within 1 month Rs.5

Beyond 1 month but within 1 year: Rs.10

Beyond 1 year: Rs.15


Forms given can be downloaded