Process to Register Birth Certificate in Madhya Pradesh

Process to Register Birth Certificate in Madhya Pradesh

Registration for birth certificate in Madhya Pradesh can be done through online service with the help of various municipal corporation official website. Hospitals of states need to provide the information and required documents after birth to Municipal Corporation. The certificate in Madhya Pradesh is important under the Birth and Death Registration Act of 1969 and each citizen may have to get this within 21 days of baby birth. The facility for registration given by state head registrar or by village registrar also in town / cities it holds by Municipal Corporation.

Candidate who needs this certificate can also visit “Samadhan Centers” of Madhya Pradesh. Within 21 days of birth, parents need to make registration through concerned office or by registrar. You can get birth certificate after the verification of all documents at concerned hospital. If any person haven’t apply within this duration after that he/she needs to get the verification by police and revenue department to get birth certificate Madhya Pradesh. In some areas of state to get this you can use the online facilities and in the village through the panchayat or by the revenue office.

How to Register:

Each citizen needs to make the registration for birth in Madhya Pradesh within 21 days after birth and there will be no charges for it.

Where to Register:

  1. The process can be done from municipal corporation and municipalities in town and for the urban areas it can be registered through panchayat.
  2. Applicants can also make their birth certificate registration through the police station in rural areas if applied after 1 year.
  3. The certificate registration process can be done through the village kotwar or via chaukidar through giving the information and incident.
  4. The birth registration certificate registration can be obtained through given information to the secretary of the gram panchayat, anganwadi worker or to the health worker.
  5. The registration process can be done on the same town or village where the incident were happened and it can get through same area Samadhan center.
  6. The birth certificate registration can also be done by the same area Samadhan registration center if it happened in bus, train, airplane etc.
  7. Citizens who lives as migratory / khanabadosh communities and don’t have permanent residence can make registration in same place where the incident of birth and death was happened.

Procedure for birth registration in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Provide the information of birth within 21 days and get the birth certificate from Municipal Corporation, municipality or town panchayat and in the village areas through the police station or by the kotwar / chaukidar without paying of any fees.
  2. If the incident of birth and death was happened in hospital of town then the birth certificate / death certificate Madhya Pradesh can get through the sending information via the concerned department to the Samadhan registration center. Also as per the new rules and laws the certificate can get through the same hospital on same time.
  3. The birth certificate Madhya Pradesh can get after paying 2 Rupees late fees if the process of registration not holds within 21 days (but under the 30 days).
  4. After 30 days (for the one year of time period) applicants can submit their request application form to the registrar along with some important documents for address, age and declaration form and has to pay 5 Rupees late fee to get the certificate of birth in state.
  5. Before 1 year duration citizens can get birth certificate through executive magistrate of the area after paying 10 Rupees late fees. At the time for apply applicants also have to submit their all documents for age and address proof copy in attested mode.
  6. More information can get through district planning and statistics officer, Municipal Corporation, municipality, town panchayat, police station, panchayat secretary, anganwadi workers, village health worker and teachers for getting birth certificate in Madhya Pradesh.
  7. Youu can get Birth certificate after paying the required fees till the age of 15 year also if you found any mistake in registration form it can be correct through registrar as well.

If you had lost or forget / missing something on the birth certificate, apply with declaration form within one year and visit to the registrar office. Either you have to give the declaration form after the order of SDM / tehsildaar or nayab tehsildaar and you also have to pay the fees.

Application Fees after 1st January 2000 in Madhya Pradesh as per the Birth Death Registration Act 1999:

Registration within 21 days of birth – No fees

Registration after 21 days but within 30 days of birth (Rule 9 (1)) – Rs. 2

Registration after 30 days but within 1 year of birth (Rule 9 (2)) – Rs. 5

Registration after 1 year but within 10 years of birth (Rule 9(3)) (a) 1 – Rs. 1 to 20

Registration by parents within 12 months (Rule 10 (P)) – No fees

The occurrence of birth to each copy – Rs. 5

These above fees candidate need to pay at the time of applying birth Certificate.