Process to Register Vehicle in Maharashtra

Process to Register Vehicle in Maharashtra

Registration of New Vehicle

  • Register the new vehicle within 7 days from the date of taking delivery from the dealer excluding the period of journey for vehicles on temporary registration.
  • No dealer of vehicle can deliver the unregistered motor vehicle to the purchaser. He can only deliver the vehicles which are temporarily /permanently registered with R.T.O.
  • No owner of a motor vehicle can allow or permit the use of unregistered vehicle.
  • No person can drive a motor vehicle, which is not registered with R.T.O.
  • Get the vehicle registered directly from the dealer on his trade certificate.
  • Produce vehicle for inspection to RTO. Vehicle is inspected by an inspector of it confirms to the provision of Act & rule then vehicle tax is recovered & new registration number is assigned.

How to Apply

  • Form 20
  • Sale certificate in Form 21 given by dealer.
  • Roadworthiness certificate in form 22 ,22-A from the manufacturer.
  • Approval from Transport Commissioner.
  • Approval from Transport Commissioner.
  • Purchase invoice (for vehicles attracting life time tax).
  • Temporary registration if any.
  • PAN number or Form-60in two copies (expect 2 wheelers).
  • Valid insurance certificate.
  • Address proof.
  • Roadworthiness certificate in form 22-A part II from the body builder for transport vehicles.
  • Bill of entry for imported vehicles.
  • Octroi receipt if registering in municipal limits.
  • Manufacturers certificate for invalid carriage.
  • Customs clearance certificate in case of imported vehicles along with licence & bond if any.
  • Design approval from transport commissioner in the case of a trailer.
  • 7/12 abstract or tahasildar certificate in the case of agricultural tractor & trailer for Tax example.
  • Entry tax payment proof if any vehicle, body or tanker is purchased from outside the state.
  • Fees

Transfer of Motor Vehicle Ownership

  • Time Limit
  • Within the same office area – 14 days
  • In the jurisdiction of other authority – 30 days

Documents Required

  • Form 29– Declaration of seller.
  • Form 30– Declaration of purchaser.
  • Form 28– NOC in case of vehicles from outside address proof PUC certificate, Insurance region/state certificate, Registration Certificate, Tax Certificate) accompanied by prescribed fees.