Process to Register Vehicle in Rajasthan

Process to Register Vehicle in Rajasthan

Registration required

In a public place or any other place a person in who owns only will be allowed to run the Motor Vehicles as per act Act, 1988 and rules framed there in are registered in accordance.

Where to be registered

The owner of motor vehicle has to register the vehicle from registration officer in whose jurisdiction the owner of the motor vehicle lives in.

  1. Residence or place of business or,
    2. Generally Motor vehicles are place where it is bought.

The validity of registration

Registration of a vehicle, the registration date will be valid for 15 years and within 5 years thereafter, the vehicles registration has to be renewed for non-transport vehicles and transport vehicles which will be valid for another 15 years.

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Registration process:

From related registration authority apply with Form 20 and following documents: –

  1. Form 21 sales certificate (original copy)
  2. Form 22 issued by the manufacturer with a certificate of suitability on road
  3. Form 22 “A” (for those vehicles whose body has been built on the chassis) will be issued by the manufacturer Part II- Part I- body will be released by the manufacturer.
  4. Attested copy of valid insurance
  5. A copy of the vehicle’s original bill
  6. Owner’s Permanent Account Number (PAN) card’s verification / Form No. 60/61
  7. Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, pursuant to Rule 4 of the following proofs of residence, attested copy of the certificate: –

(I) photo ID

(Ii) Electoral list enrollment

(Iii) Life insurance policy

(Iv) Passport

(V) The Central Government or a State Government or a pay slip issued by an office of the Local Authorities

  1. The owner of the vehicle’s two latest passport size photographs
  2. Original copy of temporary registration
  3. In the case of imported vehicles imported into the customs clearance certificates and bond license (if any)
  4. Vehicle Inspection
  5. Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, determined in accordance with Rule 81 fee
  6. Citizenship Certificate
  7. In addition to the certificate of residence for foreigners in India, proof of legal presence.
  8. Rajasthan Motor – Vehicle Taxation Act 1951, according to


Vehicle inspection and verification related material posted in the office for this work shall be done by transport inspector.

If the vehicle owner does not have the desired number previously allocated amount determined in respect of the relevant registration officer concerned payable by demand draft in the name of the district transport officer attached to the application, the registration of the vehicle shall apply on plain paper.

Fees: Registration ongoing series of registration numbers to allocate additional follow-up and specific registration number for a person her old 9’s new numeracy already allocated to the old fee amount is determined as follows: –

Vehicle description of the category and specific registration number – amount

Two ships –

(I) registration number 1, 9, 786 and 9999 for the allocation – 10000 rs

(Ii) Above, Subsection (i) except as described in the registration numbers for the allocation of the remaining numbers – 5000 rs

(Iii) Assign any numbers on the old vehicle to the new vehicle (written) – 5000 rs

Two different vehicles –

(I) registration number 1 and 786 for the allocation -1,01,000 rs

(Ii) Registration number from 2 to 9, and 11, 101, 1111 and 9999 for the allocation – 51,000 rs

(Iii) Registration number 1111 and 9999, except for three and four-digit registration number, which is all the same –    21,000 rs

(Iv)  Table No. 2, clause (i), (ii) and (iii) except as described in the above registration numbers for the remaining numbers – 11,000 rs.

(V) Any number allocated to the old vehicle to the new vehicle (written) – 21,000 rs