Process to Register Birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh

Process for Birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh

For already registered births, they can request for birth certificate in any of the mee seva Centers in twinscities or

Walk into any mee seva center and fill in the application form available at mee seva for certificate request. Based on your details mee seva operator will verify the data whether the birth is already registered?

If registered, pay the required fee amount of Rs.20/ per certificate and mee seva service charges Rs.15/- and required courier charges as per the option below

Applicant can choose the option for delivery of certificate:

1) At mee seva Rs.15/-

2) Within GHMC Limits Rs.25/-

3) With in Andhra Pradesh (out side of GHMC) Rs.40/-

4) With in India Rs.60/-

If the applicant chooses the option 1, applicant has to come to mee seva for collecting the certificate/s after 3 working days(excluding the date of application).

If option 2 or 3 the certificate/s will be courier to applicant address after receiving the certificate/s from the GHMC Circle offices.

Required Documents for Birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh:

Here we are providing you the important documents list which is essential for obtaining the birth certificate in Andhra Pradesh

  1. Hospital Discharge Summary/ Proof of birth letter in hospital
  2. Parents’ identity proof (for verification)

Here is the link for online application